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Recipe: roast salmon & broccoli with chile-caper vinaigrette

I love “tray-bakes” for dinner, as everything is roasted in one-pan, making for much faster clean-up.  One of my favourites is this Roast Salmon and Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette from Bon Appétit.

Roast Salmon & Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette

Salmon is an excellent source of protein (about 30 grams in a five ounce serving) and it is chock-full of beneficial essential fatty acids (EFAs), particularly omega-3.  EFAs can speed up metabolism, support the effectiveness of insulin in controlling blood sugar, are anti-inflammatory and help power the production of hormones.  Fish is also high in vitamin B12, essential for brain health.

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