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My McHappy Meal

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail My McHappy MealI don’t know about you but lately I have been feeling a bit blue and rather nostalgic for happier times.  It is tempting when you feel this way to turn to junk food to “treat” yourself, especially foods you munched on as a kid.  But in my experience, no matter how much I might enjoy it at the time, I generally feel pretty sluggish after I eat these highly processed foods.  Healthy food, however, has the power to heal both body and mind.  So instead I prepare delicious yet more nutritious versions of these fun treats.  These do wonders for my mood and they energize me.

So in this spirit I share with you my own McHappy Meal combo including drink, burger, “special sauce”, fries and ice cream.  The “Mc” in this case of course refers to McPhail (wink wink…).  And, being my type of meal, it’s full of Mediterranean flavours.  Think Mickey D’s by way of Greece!  Read on to find out more about the Mediterranean diet and mood.

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My McHappy Meal

Drink: Classic Virgin Mojito (and if you want “the real thing”, by all means go for it…just skip the unlimited refills)

Burger: Greek Chicken Burgers (I like to serve these zesty burgers in a grilled whole grain pita; this serves 4 hungry people so I suggest making 2 mini-burgers each instead of one large burger for faster cooking)

“Special Sauce”: Tzatziki (not necessary given the Greek salsa in the burger recipe but a nice touch – also great on any grilled pork, chicken or fish)

Fries: Sweet Potato Fries (soaking in cold water, then coating in tapioca flour and salting them only after roasting makes them crispier)

Ice Cream: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (better than a McFlurry any day!)

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