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Put some Spring in your step with essential oils!

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail

While the calendar may have long heralded the advent of Spring in Toronto where I practice, Mother Nature has not…brrrr!!!  By now, like most here, I am pretty tired of the relentlessly chilly temperatures!  And the fact that it has been dragging on so long has been, well, a drag.  So to lift my mood, I’ve turned to one of my favourite remedies, essential oils.

The uses of essential oils are many and miraculous in my opinion.  And I love diffusing them throughout my home.  Both my bedroom and living room host a diffuser – specifically this very sleek, hand-crafted black stone diffuser from Vancouver’s Vitruvi.  I also own pretty much their entire catalogue of essential oils so I’m ready for anything!  Being a science geek, I admit I was drawn to their bottle labels, which are styled after the periodic table.  The black glass bottles are both aesthetically pleasing and they are excellent at protecting the oils from light.  But what I love most about Vitruvi is their steady flow of creative ideas on how to use their oils, like this one… read more