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Winter Herbal Latte Mixes from Wholehearted Eats

As a holistic nutritionist, I’m always on the lookout for simple, healthy and delicious recipes to incorporate into meal plans for my Toronto clients.  This week, I came across a stand-out blog post entitled Winter Herbal Latte Mixes from Sophie at Wholehearted Eats.  These herbal lattes are not only nourishing and nurturing, they are also festive!

These winter herbal latte mixes are great to have on hand in your pantry on chilly winter days.  Just combine with your favourite milk (dairy or non-dairy), heat, sip and enjoy.  A steamy herbal latte is perfect for some instant “cozy bliss”, as Sophie puts it.

They also make fantastic gifts as they are easy to mix, creative, and sure to be a hit with the giftee.  They are great for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, in gift baskets or for friends or work colleagues.

Check out Sophie’s Winter Herbal Latte Mixes post this week on her blog where she shares her recipes for Double Chocolate Chaga Cocoa, Golden Moon Milk Mix and Ayurvedic Sleepy-Time Mix.

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