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Month: October 2020

Hive Five Honey Menu

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail Hive Five Honey MenuA few weeks ago a friend surprised me with this bee-utiful selection of five savoury infused honeys from Hiveshare.  It really made my day!  After all, honey looks just like liquid sunshine and couldn’t we all use a little more sweetness in our lives right now?

It also inspired me to get “buzzy” in the kitchen to try them all out.  So this month, rather than a menu, I have cooked up a collection – one recipe for each of the infused honeys.  I hope you are equally inspired to try them.  Of course, if you don’t have these infused honeys, you can substitute with regular raw honey.

Read on for more about the properties of pure, raw (unpasteurized), local honey and also about how you can have a share in your very own hive!  Artisanal honey from Georgina, Ontario…no tricks, all treat!  And if you are carving a pumpkin tonight, save the seeds for these Spiced Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.  Any one of the infused honeys would work wonderfully here depending on which flavours you want to amp up!

Albeit natural, honey is a type of sugar.  So as a nutritionist I don’t recommend you devour whole pots of the stuff.  But what Winnie the Pooh would call “a small smackerel of honey” is truly a treat!  So enjoy these recipes and share them with your family and friends!  Sign up here to receive the recipes from the Hive Five Honey Menu.  And hive five!

Hive Five Honey Menu

Chipotle Honey: Chipotle Shrimp & Avocado Salad (try this smoky honey also in chili or roasted veggies)

Habenero Honey: Habanero Jerk Chicken & Kale Salad (habanero honey adds a sweet & spicy kick to chicken wings and ribs as well)

Garlic Honey: Honey Garlic Tilapia with Steamed Bok Choy (garlic honey is also divine on meats or pepperoni pizza)

Smoke Honey: Sweet & Smoky Paprika Cabbage (this honey adds BBQ buzz to anything grilled and is also fab in chili)

Turmeric Honey: Golden Turmeric Honey Hot Chocolate (try turmeric honey also in tea, yogurt, in curries or even on roast salmon)

Join The Nutritional Reset community here to receive this month’s menu today (as well as each month to come)!  And read on for more about raw honey and how you can own a share in your very own hive…

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In Search of Sisu & Scandi Winter Wisdom

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail Sisu and Scandi Winter WisdomWinter “frostrates” me.  I have to work at not letting it get me down.  I was thinking recently that this coming winter might be even more challenging with the pandemic and all basically putting a chill, so to speak, on my usual ways to keep my spirits up.  My Finnish grandmother, who embodied sisu, came to mind and I said to myself “C’mon Laurie, tap into some of that sisu that Grammy Saimi passed on to you!”  Then, lo and behold, I was perusing Overdrive and The Finnish Way:  Finding Courage, Wellness and Happiness Through the Power of Sisu (by Katja Pantzar) popped up as a recommendation.  Seems Google really is listening.  So here is what I learned about sisu and the Scandinavian wisdom of hygge and lagom in my exploration of Nordic winter ways.  This winter I’m determined to chillax!

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