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Peri-Peri Picante Chicken Thighs, Chickpeas & Collard Greens

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail Peri-Peri PIcanteI’ve had a penchant lately for anything peri-peri picante. Perhaps it was my friend enthusing about the delicioso food she ate in Portugal. Or maybe my daily dose of DuoLingo Spanish (porque espero visitar España en mis vacaciones) has piqued my interest in food that is muy picante.

Whatever the reason, this month I have chosen to share a recipe for Peri Peri Chicken Thighs, Chickpeas & Collard Greens. Not only does the spicy heat appeal to me in winter, this dish exemplifies what I love about all my favourite recipes. Namely:

  • it’s a one-pan, all-in-one dish (no need to make anything on the side and less to clean up),
  • using a pre-made spice blend gives maximum flavour for minimum fuss,
  • it’s flexible (swap the chicken for fish/shellfish, or use only chickpeas to make it vegetarian/vegan),
  • you can easily alter the flavour profile (use a Cajun, Moroccan, Mexican, Indian or Italian spice blend in place of peri-peri, for example),
  • it’s quick enough for a workaday dinner but also interesting enough for company,
  • it includes legumes which have a whole host of health benefits (more on that in this post) and
  • it makes great leftovers for lunch (or even breakfast)!

Sign up to my newsletter today to receive the recipe for Peri Peri Chicken Thighs, Chickpeas & Collard Greens. For those keen to make their own Peri-Peri spice blend, I have included a recipe for that as well. Or you can simply procure some (suggestions below).  And I invite you to read on, too, if right now you are thinking “What the heck is Peri-Peri?

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