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Recipe: roast salmon & broccoli with chile-caper vinaigrette

I love “tray-bakes” for dinner, as everything is roasted in one-pan, making for much faster clean-up.  One of my favourites is this Roast Salmon and Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette from Bon Appétit.

Roast Salmon & Broccoli with Chile-Caper Vinaigrette

Salmon is an excellent source of protein (about 30 grams in a five ounce serving) and it is chock-full of beneficial essential fatty acids (EFAs), particularly omega-3.  EFAs can speed up metabolism, support the effectiveness of insulin in controlling blood sugar, are anti-inflammatory and help power the production of hormones.  Fish is also high in vitamin B12, essential for brain health.

Broccoli is an excellent source of both fibre (soluble and insoluble) and protein, with approximately 8 grams of each in just half a bunch.  It also has a very low glycemic load, meaning it digests slowly in your body and release sugars slowly, helping keep your blood sugar and weight more consistent.  A member of the cruciferous vegetable family, broccoli is renowned for its cancer-fighting properties, as well as its ability to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and aid the liver in removing toxins from your body.


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