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Gourds & Goblins Menu

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail Gourds & Goblins MenuMy Gourds & Goblins Menu is a Jekyll & Hyde character.

The Jekyll version is served pretty much as described in the recipes. It’s a heaping harvest helping of carbo-comfort foods featuring a gaggle of gourds (namely pumpkin, butternut squash and zucchini).

But with some sleight of hand and the spooky styling suggestions at blog-bottom, you can turn it ins-Hyde-out into a fiendish feast for your ghoul-friends! It’s double, double the fun without too much toil or trouble.

Served either way, my Gourds & Goblins Menu is devilishly good at disguising veggies.

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Dishing It Up: It’s Never Too Late…to Learn Something New

Nonna Mia It's Never Too Late...to Learn Something New Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail

In my recent blog post, It’s Never Too Late…to Exercise, I put a spotlight on the amazing feats (and feet) of several female masters runners.  My hope was that their stories would inspire my readers to take steps (literally) to improve their physical fitness, no matter what their age.  After all, along with proper nutrition, exercising your body is vital for optimal health.

But so is exercising your mind.  And “research shows that acquiring additional skills can be a terrific way to keep an aging brain in shape” (quotation from the final story: Think You’re Too Old to Learn New Tricks?).  So this month’s edition of Dishing It Up features another group of inspirational people who have challenged themselves and learned new skills later in life.  My goal is to show, once again, that is it never too late…to learn something new.

It’s Never Too Late…to Learn Something New

  • Raffaella Tulipano, 82, Italian Cooking Sensation “Nonna Mia” (pictured above)
  • Natalie Levant, 89, Comedian
  • Giuseppe Paternò, 97, Graduate
  • Georgina Harwood, 100, Centenarian Skydiver and Shark Diver
  • Think You’re Too Old to Learn New Tricks?

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