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Dishing It Up – Timing is Everything

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail Timing Is EverythingSince time immemorial, volumes have been written about how long to sleep and what to eat and how much exercise to get and so on. But it’s been only relatively recently that the focus has turned to when to do these things. The goal is to ascertain whether the timing of these activities makes a difference to our health. And, if so, to determine what timing is more (or less) auspicious when it comes to going to bed, waking up, eating our meals and exercising. In this month’s Dishing It Up – Timing is Everything, we’ll look at some recent articles on this timely topic. When it comes to optimal health, is timing everything or just one piece of the puzzle?

This month in Dishing It Up …

  • What is Your Chronotype & Why Does it Matter?
  • How Changing the Timing of When You Eat Can Make You Healthier
  • There is a best time of day to exercise and it may lead to better results
  • Unlocking Your Body’s Clock: A Saliva-Based Personalized Circadian Profiling

Lastly, while not related to chronotype or circadian rhythms, I thought I’d include this informative article on a topic where timing really is everything, and that is hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

  • Clearing the air on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Read on for a bite-sized summary and links for each story …

What Is Your Chronotype & Why Does It Matter? 
I wear an Oura ring as a sleep tracker and after a recent software update I noticed it now included information on my chronotype (apparently I’m a “late morning type”). This article from Oura discusses what chronotype is and why it’s important to be in alignment with it. “Knowing and living according to your chronotype can benefit your energy levels, sleep, and overall well-being. Research has shown that circadian misalignment and irregular sleep-wake cycles are associated with higher risks of disease.”
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How Changing the Timing of When You Eat Can Make You Healthier
“Avoiding late-night meals, in particular, is an important component of chrononutrition…. the body initiates a hormonal response any time you eat anything. If you eat during a time period when you’re not expending much energy, you’ll increase your hunger and appetite. What’s more, late-night eating is linked to impaired metabolic function.”
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There is a best time of day to exercise and it may lead to better results
“We found women and men respond differently to different types of exercise depending on the time of day, which surprised us.”
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Unlocking Your Body’s Clock: A Saliva-Based Personalized Circadian Profiling
Coming soon to a clinic near you? “Researchers developed a non-invasive method to profile an individual’s circadian rhythm using a simple saliva sample. Combining molecular analysis and computational modeling, they create a comprehensive portrayal of the body’s internal clock. This could lead to personalized lifestyle or treatment recommendations aligned with a person’s circadian rhythm. The goal is to improve general health and well-being, especially in disease management such as cancer.”
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Clearing the air on hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
“HRT is unquestionably the single most effective available treatment for easing the symptoms of menopause. Despite the WHI’s reports and subsequent alarmist media coverage, no one disputes HRT’s efficacy in relieving menopausal symptoms and thereby improving quality of life.” But “HRT should only be initiated within the first 10 years of the onset of menopause. Starting hormone therapy more than a decade after menopausal onset means experiencing a prolonged period of estrogen deprivation, which likely diminishes any potential benefits of HRT and may increase any potential risks.”
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This CBC article summarizes a recent paper published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal on the topic.
And if you have time for a deep-dive, I recommend the book The Estrogen Window, by Mache Siebel, MD.


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