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Join me for my I’m Sweet Enough 7-Day No Sugar Added Challenge

Toronto Holistic Nutritionist Laurie McPhail Sliding Down a Sugary Slippery SlopeIf you read last week’s blog post, Sliding Down a Sugary, Slippery Slope, you’ll know that this is exactly what I have just done. Perhaps you have too. And you will also know why it is so important for your health to climb right back up.  To entice you to join me, I’ve created the I’m Sweet Enough 7-Day No Sugar Added Challenge.

I’m mounting my own expedition to do so by cutting out all added sugar for several weeks. But I’m looking for some company for the first week, which will be the most challenging.

About the I’m Sweet Enough 7-Day No Sugar Added Challenge

It’s both sugar-free and free. We won’t eliminate whole foods that naturally contain sugar (like fruit) but there will be no added sugars or foods that quickly turn to sugar in the bloodstream (like refined flour and other refined grains) on the menu. Nor will there be beverages that contain sugar (that includes alcohol – so consider yourself warned).

What’s included in the free challenge?

  • Your 7-day menu plan & grocery list (the menu plan takes care of the planning and removes the guesswork but feel free to do all, some or none of it – just eliminate added sugar for a week, however you wish to)
  • The “rules of engagement” (what’s in, what’s out and what to watch for on labels to identify stealth sugar hidden in prepared foods)
  • Strategies to prevent and/or conquer any sugar cravings
  • Tips on adding sweetness naturally (as well as bonus recipes for naturally sweetened treats)
  • Encouragement and support (from me and your fellow challengers)
  • Suggestions for new rules of engagement with sugar post-challenge

I’m Sweet Enough 7-day No Sugar Added Challenge
takes place Monday, May 3rd* through Sunday, May 9th.

I hope you will join me to retaliate, recalibrate, shelve sugar and
find your healthy sweet spot!
And why not invite a friend to join too?
What have you got to lose – besides maybe a little weight?


*Registration closes midnight Thursday, April 29th and the menu plan will be delivered April 30th to give you the weekend to prepare.  if you wish to receive text alerts during the Challenge, please provide your mobile phone number when signing up.

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